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In connection with the active activities of the International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation" and the "Galaktika" UIC, on our behalf, the distribution of false fraudulent information in the form of letters and phone calls to business structures, famous personalities, state administration bodies, local self-government, public organizations began and others with offers of financial, volunteer and other assistance.

We warn those who intend to discredit the team's work with illegal actions, will have to deal with law enforcement agencies and cyber police.

We have nothing to do with such manipulations! All coordinated work of the Foundation is carried out transparently and in accordance with the requirements specified in the organization's charter. Information about the activity is published on the official website of the Foundation and other Internet resources.

Please report illegal actions (calls, letters, etc.) to the Fund's management at the phone numbers listed on the website.

Mission of the Charitable Organization "International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation" -  to unite the whole progressive and caring community for the protection and reconstruction of the Ukrainian state.

Only with your help will Ukraine win this war and rebuild its state.  Any contribution and financial contribution is very important for the purchase of necessary things: ammunition, building materials, food, fuel, medicine and other needs.

All donations will be published in the open financial statements of the fund on our website and social networks.

Charitable organization "International Charitable Foundation" Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation" was founded by the Ukrainian Information and Publishing Center "Galaxy", which  In 2014, he constantly provided material and financial assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, orphanages, educational institutions, the population in the exclusion zone and hostilities in the East.

On February 24, 2022, when Russia's full-scale military invasion began, the lives of Ukrainians changed dramatically to "before" and "after". Everything that was valuable and important in human life was instantly destroyed by the war. Today, we are doing everything possible and impossible to support our glorious armed forces, which oppose one of the world's largest armies, and to help those in need.

Ukrainians are facing the greatest challenge of the 21st century. This is not just a war against Ukraine, this is a war against all modern civilized world. This is a struggle against the aggressive Middle Ages, tyranny, slavery and dictatorship. If Ukraine falls, the whole civilization will be rejected for decades. We must stop the arbitrariness and wait for all the help from the world community to stand together and win this battle!

The Charitable Organization of the International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation" is making every effort to conduct the largest fundraising and humanitarian aid campaign. We accept charitable contributions from around the world and are sincerely grateful that you provide us with your tremendous support.

According to the decision of the General Meeting, in order to ensure transparent and fruitful cooperation, the Supervisory Board of the NUN ICF was established, which included well-known public figures, doctors and the military.

We thank everyone who stands side by side with the Ukrainian people, who helps to survive the most difficult times in its history. We are a free nation worthy of freedom, truth and freedom.

Foundation website:

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

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