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Charitable Organization  International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation"

Did you listen to the concert of the Honored Artist of Ukraine live in a shelter? No? And the residents of Staro Konstantinov, who came to the charity concert of Elena Bilokin, organized by the Charitable Organization International Charitable Foundation "Unbrekable Ukrainian Nation" in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, held on November 12 in the central library, not only listened to her songs, but also sang along with the artist, sincerely talked, cried, smiled and applauded. The concert, which began in the bright and cozy hall of the library due to the missile threat, continued in the shelter...


November 12toStarokostyantynovaHonored artist of Ukraine visited with the charity concert "Prayer for Ukraine".Olena Bilokon

The program of the concert includes Ukrainian patriotic songs, songs about spirituality, about fate, language, about friends and family ("Prayer for Ukraine", "Cranes", "Everything will be Ukraine", "Family", etc.)

They also took part in a charity concert Ihor YURCHUK from the city of Polonne and Starokostantynovci Maria HOLIUK and Artur VIALUSHKIN.

The charity collection from today's concert will be sent to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Olena BILOKONYexpressed gratitude to the mayor Mykola MELNYCHUKUf or assistance in holding a charity concert in the community, thanked everyone present for the charitable contribution to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On behalf of the executive committee of the city council, the manager of affairs spoke with words of gratitude Natalia Shabelnykand Deputy Head of the Department of Cultural Policy and Resources Vasyl MULYAR. The authorities wished for further creativity and thanked for spirituality and charity.



November 9, according to the calendar, is the Day of Ukrainian writing and language and the Day of cultural workers and masters of folk art. On this very day, on the basis of the Sudylkiv Lyceum, a charity concert of Honored Artist of Ukraine Olena BILOKON "Prayer for Ukraine" was held in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The singer's creative charity tour of Khmelnytskyi is taking place with the assistance of the Khmelnytskyi Regional Military Administration.

The program of Olena BILOKON's concert includes Ukrainian patriotic songs, songs about spirituality, about fate, about love, about friends and family ("Prayer for Ukraine", "Cranes", "Perelaz", "Rushnychok", Friends", "Family", etc. .). A touching, warm meeting, pleasant communication of Olena BILOKON with the audience, loud applause for an incredibly beautiful performance of songs - this is the atmosphere of the concert.

The charity concert was attended by Ihor Yurchuk from the city of Polonne, the duet "Polyanochka" and the trio "Struny hreta" of Sudylkivska TG.

The charity collection from today's concert will be sent to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Olena BILOKONY expressed her gratitude to the village head Tatyana KOTYK for assistance in holding a charity concert in Sudylkivska TG, thanked everyone present for the charitable contribution to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


November 11, 04:00 p.m. in the Polonsk House of Culture a charity concert of the Honored Artist of Ukraine was held,Olena Bilokon as part of the "Prayer for Ukraine" charity tour.

She is known for her patriotic songs about family, destiny and love that enchant every viewer. This is her sixth performance in Polonshchyna. With her sonorous voice, she filled the entire auditorium, because she always sings with her soul and for the people. "I want to thank you for your hospitality, for your humanity, for your care until today. I am grateful to you, because I know that you did everything you could," the singer said.

Thanks to the organizers of the concert, it was possible to collect UAH 6,437, which will later be transferred to the Armed Forces!


November 10, 2022 in Hrytsivthe Honored Artist of Ukraine, as well as a teacher of folk singing at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, visited with a charity concert - Olena Bilokonh.

"Prayer for Ukraine" echoed in the walls Hrytsiv Lyceum and VPU-38. Ukrainian patriotic songs about fate, love, family, and spirituality were heard in the program of Olena Bilokon's concert, which did not leave anyone indifferent.

In the two educational institutions where the concerts were held, the artist spoke with pupils on patriotic topics.

Thank you very much, Ms. Olena Bilokon, for your sincerity, warmth and Ukrainian songs. For the fact that in such a difficult time for our country, you raise the patriotic spirit of Ukrainians with your creativity!

Together to victory!


Hospitable Kuchakiv. How nice to meet like-minded people - people who care about the fate of our country. Today we are united by the common goal of a great victory.

Sounded "Prayer for Ukraine".

The holy fathers offered prayers for the fallen soldiers.

Blessed holiday.

Majestic and meaningful, the decoration of the holiday was the presenter Iryna Dudenko.

Officials, volunteers and military were present.

It was very crowded on the holy day of unity and joint prayer.

There were awards, gifts, and the delicious hospitality of the picturesque Kuchakiv region.

I express gratitude to old age village Volodymyr Volodymyrovych Degtyar for the spiritual care of the population.

And everything will definitely be Ukraine!!!


We offer you to once again immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the concert"Prayer for Ukraine"with the participation of the Honored Artist of UkraineOlena Bilokonand collectivesBelogorodsk BC, which took place on September 17, 2022! Thank you for your assistanceDepartment of Culture of the Kyiv Regional State Administrationand the International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation".

The charity concert tour of Kyiv Region - "Prayer for Ukraine"; with the participation of the Honored Artist of Ukraine continues Olena Bilokon, together with the International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian nation" and with the assistance Department of Culture of Kyiv ODAND.

The other day, the concert took place in Bilogorodka, with the participation of teams of Belogorodsk BC.


As part of the charity concert tour of Kyiv Region "Prayer for Ukraine", which is held by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Olena Bilokon together with the Charity Organization "International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation" for the spiritual enrichment and unification of the people, adds faith and hope in tomorrow and inspires victory. Two days at the guest house Tetiiv Oblast. Five concerts in two days. Impressions of hospitality. Overflowing with positive emotions. Pleasant fatigue.  How heartwarming it is that more people are becoming conscious, purposeful, inspired, with faith in tomorrow.

And the most important thing is that we help those who need our support through song in a spiritual union.

Every spectator of the event had the opportunity to participate in the collection of funds for the needs of the Armed Forces. After all, "Prayer for Ukraine" about those who defend our peace every day, every minute, sometimes giving the most valuable thing - their own lives! About our defenders, who have been desperately fighting for our peace for 8 years. Who stands side by side with the Ukrainian people, who are worthy of freedom, truth and will, who helps to survive the most difficult times in their history.

The organizers of the tour thank every director of the cultural center who hospitably opened their doors for us, local talented artists who sang, voiced and helped "Huge thanks to the Department of Culture of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration in the person of the chief Dmytro HONCHARENK And, the Department of Youth Culture and Sports of the Tetiiv City Council represented by the headYaroslav Havyuk,and special gratitude to the head of the Tetiiv territorial community - Bohdan Balaguri, who was one of the first in the Kyiv region to support the charity concert initiative. We will definitely win!".

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

307135470_459238552910627_4113575549937969816_n (1).jpg

Organization of both events in Zazin community started with communication with Ms Illenko Inna.

In the conversation, it was felt that soon there will be new meetings, especially in Ms. Inna  community in the village of Litki.

It was nice to get to know the amateur groups that perform my songs, I am pleased to get to know Elena Syneok and her son Serhii.

It is nice to hear that the director of the Communal Institution "Centre of Culture, Leisure and Sports"Valentina Kozhushkosings with his bands.

It was nice to see the head of the Zazyna rural territorial community Vitaliy Krupenko with the people.

The director was very hospitable Galina Kozhushko of the Lytkivskyi House of Culture.


The tour started successfully Kyiv region from the picturesque town of Kagarlyk, which celebrated its birthday today. Many festive events took place in the city. One of them was the Open Day Kagarlytskyi Center for Children Creativity.

It was nice to meet a creative and hunting man Kagarlytskyi Mayor Oleksandr Panyuta. Teams and  took part in the charity eventparticipants of the amateur artistic activity of the Moscow State University, the "People Amateur Choir, the People" Amateur Ensemble of Ukrainian Songs, the "Zoretsvit" and "Zagrava" vocal ensembles. Thank you very much for organizing the event to the director of the Kagarlytskyi Moscow Medical Center Volodymyr Kopilny.


The final concert of the tour Lviv region took place in the city RAVA-RUSKA.

The Ukrainian people are a people who, in spite of everything, strive for peace. This is a nation that responds to the call of unity. This is a people who, from young to old, are together with their native Ukraine, who heal spiritual wounds, and believe in its bright future.

This is how our final concert took place in the Lviv Region. From August 23, 12 concerts were held from the international charity fund "Unbreakable Ukrainian nation".

Thank you to everyone who contributed to their implementation. Thanks to the people who care!


August 28 in the premises of the People - House of the village of Kozyova with the assistance of the International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation", with the support Lviv Regional Military Administration, Department for Culture, Nationality and Religiona charity concert of Honored Artist of Ukraine Olena Bilokon took place.

The songs "Cranes", "Friends", "Family" and "Native Language", "I am your Cossack" and many others deeply touched everyone present. Funds collected during the concert will go to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We express our gratitude to those who attended the event, especially young parents who came with their children. After all, by attending such events, you instill in your children a love for the Ukrainian song, which is no less important in the process of national-patriotic education.


With the support of the "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation" International Charitable Foundation, a concert tour of the Honored Artist of Ukraine is held - Olena BILOKON entitled "Prayer for Ukraine".

Yesterday, the residents of our city of Rakhiv had the opportunity to enjoy the singing of the artist and at the same time do a good deed - to raise funds to support the military, who every day protect the peace and tranquility of our country

The concert program was joined by the Honored Artist of Pop Art of Ukraine - Svitlana DUDKO together with his daughters Maria DUDKO and Iryna SAIK.

During the concert, the amount of funds was collected UAH 10,752., which were transferred to the "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation" fund.

Ancient multinational RAHIV. The incredible beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, the generosity of this land is impressive. There has never been such a large number of people present at a charity event held in Transcarpathia.

Just a sea of flowers. Thank you so much for your love for Ukrainian songs, for your support

The bright eyes of the hardworking people looked so inspired. Thank you for the hospitality of the mayor Medvid  Viktor .

With faith in the heart only to VICTORY

A multi-day charity concert tour in the scenic area has come to an end Transcarpathia, which is organized by the International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation" Honored artist of Ukraine Olena Bilokon, member of the supervisory board of the Foundation with the "Prayer for Ukraine" program, will continue her noble visit as a guest Lviv region. Thank you to everyone who helps and brings our victory closer!

The picturesque city welcomed us hospitably Tyachiv Honored Artist of Ukraine Olena Belokon, which conducts a charity tour "Prayer for Ukraine" in Zakarpattia.


Honored Artist of Ukraine Olena Bilokon visited the CHOP with the charity concert program "Prayer for Ukraine" The event is organized by the International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation" with assistance Zakarpattia Regional Military Administration and Department of Culture to collect funds for the Armed Forces for the needs of our defenders. 

The concert program was filled with thematic original songs, as well as songs about the native land, about family, parents, about the loved ones, which is the most valuable for every person. It was the unification of the people through song. Raising faith in our Victory. Art against war!


International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian nation" with the assistance of Mukachevo City Council organized a charity concert "Prayer for Ukraine" with the participation of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Olena Bilokon, which is its representative on the artistic front to collect funds for the Armed Forces for the needs of our defenders Olena sings with her soul, sings for people and has many song pearls of her native land in her repertoire: about Ukraine, her native house, mother and father, human goodness and sincerity, viburnum, love. All these feelings are well known to us, so today we managed to unite the people with a song. Today we all sang together, big and small

Young, talented artists of our city also took part in the charity concert

An interesting and diverse program of the concert gave the audience wonderful moments of communication with good music.

Everyone is working on their own front. Art against war!


The charity organization "International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation"" is doing everything possible and impossible to help stop the arbitrariness of war. We are waiting for help from everyone who cares and the world community to stand together and win this battle!

With the permission of the Rivne Regional State Administration, on June 26, a charity  concert tour  of the Rivne Region "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation" started, conducted by Honored Artist of Ukraine Olena Bilokon . She is a partner and volunteer of the Foundation . The mission of the events is to help raise funds for the needs of the Armed Forces. 

Elena's creativity is based on Ukrainian traditions, which is one of the aspects of spiritual enrichment and unification of the people, and also adds faith and hope in tomorrow and inspires victory. In addition to the agreed schedule of performances, the artist performs in military units, hospitals, and social institutions with a charitable mission.

We thank everyone who stands side by side with the Ukrainian people, who are worthy of freedom, truth and will, who help to survive the most difficult times in their history. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! 

посвідчення Білоконь.jpg

The International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation", which agreed with the Rivne Military Administration, the Department of Culture and Tourism, the charitable concert program "Prayer for Ukraine" with the participation of Honored Artist of Ukraine Olena Bilokon officially started on June 27. Olena is a partner of the Foundation and is responsible for the cultural and artistic direction of the organization.

The first touring city was the picturesque Zarichne. The concert took place in the House of Culture. 

We sincerely thank the head of the Kvachuk community Bohdan Vasyliovych for creating comfortable conditions during the artist's stay in this settlement, as well as the director of the BC, Zhenya Fedyushko, who showed hospitality and respect.  The amateur groups of the cultural center perform the singer's songs, which were created by the best authors.

During the tour, there was a meeting with the students of KNUKIM . These are talented young people who participated in the concert program. Together they united in song.

Elena's performances were presented with a huge number of flowers, and the best ones were from the defenders!

Her majesty's song, which is an invisible source of unity and weapons, reigned at this event. 

Our glorious people! Everyone's help is a step closer to victory.

Зарічне 1.jpg

Dubrovytsia met the singer on the Constitution Day of Ukraine.

It was such a family meeting. There were tears and laughter that were combined and inspired by the song. And singing the song "My Hero" for the defenders who came to the meeting - her touch was felt in every soul. It was hot, but human eyes filled with love and gratitude gave Elena strength and inspiration.

We would like to thank the head of the community Bohdan Mykhailovych Mykulsky and everyone who responded and joined the fundraising for our defenders. 


07/28/22 Klesiv. Staying in this picturesque region was the result of getting to know volunteer girls. Of course, after driving her own car and having already worked at one concert, Olena was tired, but the care and sincere hearts of the people who met her gave her strength.

We have one family,  we have one goal  — to win, to become a rear for our defenders.

We thank the head of the community Viktor Pavlovich Buyny for his direct participation and support, the Klesiv Arboretum and everyone who came to support the ZSU.

And all this is Ukraine - rich, generous, inspired, aimed at victory.

Our glorious people! Everyone's help is a step closer to victory.


A joyful meeting was held with the residents of Rokytne , in the Rivne region. Charity concert as part of the tour. Hospitable, friendly, caring residents, and the wise Hryhoriy Targonskyi is the head of the community, who cares about the spiritual world of his people, cheers for the country and in every possible way contributes to bringing us closer to victory.

We are one family. It was felt that this event was necessary for people. Today it's like a breath of fresh air. There were tears of joy and tears of sadness.

But we are strong and ready to win. As long as the Ukrainian people sing the Ukrainian song, and even when they pass it on as a legacy, they are invincible. 

The International Charitable Foundation "Unbreakable Ukrainian Nation" thanks the Rivne region, which so warmly welcomes the Honored Artist of Ukraine! All funds collected during the concerts will go to the needs of our defenders.

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